KNG was founded in 1996, headquarters covers an area of 160,000㎡. We have been focusing on providing Safety window & door hardware system solutions for 25 years. Passed the IS09001:2000 certification of SGS in 2002.



KNG is currently one of the largest window & door accessories manufacturers in China with a relatively complete quality management system. It includes window & door hardware system design center, research and testing center, smart factory, sales and service center. We serve more than 70 countries and regions.



Testing Center has a large number of imported and domestic testing equipment. The testing cente team has many years of experience in large-seale laboratories in the industry. Testing Center mainly serves KNG's product development and production process product performance testing. Possess material mechanics, surface treatment performance, climatic environment simulation test, complete set of window & Door hardware operation performance, precision dimensions and other aspects of testing capabilities. At the same time, it is the first in the industry to test the fatigue life (repeated opening and closing) of robot window & Door hardware. Hardness tester, torque tester, push-pull tester, film thickness tester, color difference tester, light source box, programmable constant temperature and humidity box, UV ultraviolet aging test box, salt spray test box, OVM 2.5-dimensional measuring machine, robot Window & Door hardware testing machine, etc. Equipment.
We have our own three-dimensional workshops such as fully automated stamping, die-casting spraying, assembly, tapping, testing instruments and equipment.
KNG, Committed to bringing customers a safe enjoyment of sunshine and air, Let every Safety window & Door in the world have KNG.

Factory Show

  • Production Base

    KNG Was Founded in 1996, Headquarters Covers an Area of 160,000㎡.

  • Production Facility

    This is Our Advanced Automatic Die-casting Workshop

  • Test Room

    Our Products Have Passed Strict Testing Procedures


Historical Process

Keneng industtry Co.,Ltd was formally established in Shunde,Guangdong,with a plant area of 1,000 square meters,mainly engaged in the production and sales of hardware accessories. Our products are sold to African and Middle Eastern markets.
Keneng industry Co.,Ltd’s development scale has grown. The first phase production base located in Shunde Longsheng industrial Region has been officially put into operation. The plant area is 5,800 square meters,and the environment and product quality are at the leading level in the industry. Our company systematically integrates industry resources and seeks development with innovation.
Keneng industtry Co.,Ltd products have passed the IOS900:200 quality system certification and obtained the UN supplier qualification
Keneng industtry Co.,Ltd second-stage production based in Shunde Longsheng industrial Region was officially put into operation,with a plant area of 45,200 square meters,and brought in British automatic spraying production line. The company has entered the formal. Its products are exported to Europe,America,Middle East and Southeastern Asia markets
Keneng industtry Co.,Ltd launched the following brands:KNG GSG KENENG
Keneng industtry Co.,Ltd bagan to professionally research safely door and window system hardware products,and successfully passed the high-tech enterprise certification
Keneng industtry Co.,Ltd was rated as “Top Ten Most Influential Hardware Brands in China’s Construction Industry”by the Hardware Association
Keneng industtry Co.,Ltd industrial park was officially put into use,with an area of 150,000 square meters
After 1 year of innovation Keneng industtry Co.,Ltd pioneered a new concealed hinge tilt and turn system,which has been praise by the door and window industry at home and abroad,and has been strictly tested by the national inspection center and industry partners and successfully promoted to the market
Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei operation center was officially established on 1st June,2018 to jointly develop the domestic market
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